Services Provided

Electronic Circuit Design
We perform digital and analog circuit design from concept, all the way to final PCB design.

Software Development
We develop embedded systems software on popular and modern processors such as Microchip's PIC and Atmel's AVR.

Product Design
We can help develop your product from start to finish.

We are certified service providers for the following companies:

Theta Engineering develops products in the
following areas:

Internet of Things (IOT)
Industrial Control Systems
Medical Devices
Motion Control
Data Acquisition
Security Devices
Network Communications/Interfaces
Test Systems
Telemetry and Remote Control
Niche Consumer Products
Scientific Research
Servo Control Systems
Motor Drives & Control
Embedded Systems of all types

Specific Areas of Expertise

Laser Spectroscopy
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM)
Quantum Cascade Lasers
IR Detection/Sensor Technology
Analog Signal Conditioning
Electronic Medical Devices
Battery Operated Circuits
Motion Control
Closed-Loop Control, Servo Systems
Metal Detectors
Passive IR Motion Detectors
IR Communication Technology
Serial Communications
Data Acquisition/Control Systems
Encryption Systems
Serial Flash/EEPROM Memory Devices
Motor Driver Circuits
Power Conversion Circuits
Optical Systems
Telephony Systems
Test Systems

Patents Held by Theta Engineering's Principal

"Water Quality Monitor for Reverse Osmosis System"; U.S. Patent 6,217,751; 17 April, 2001
"Display apparatus with AC gear motor drive control"; U.S. Patent 5,783,919; 21 July, 1998
"Advertising display method and apparatus"; U.S. Patent 5,459,954; 24 October, 1995
"Quiet Drive Control and Interface Apparatus"; U.S. Patent 5,440,214; 8 August, 1995
"Disc Servo with 1F-2F Servo Pattern"; U.S. Patent 4,616,275; 7 October, 1986