What We Do

We Keep You In Control

We take projects through a step-by-step procedure that ensures proper input and communications, so that clients are aware of status and development. Unlike some firms, when we work with you we consider ourselves to be an extension of your company. You are the expert in your business; we merely provide the technical resources you need to realize your vision. We will maintain close communication to keep you fully informed of project status.

Theta Engineering Delivers

In today's high-tech economy, it is sometimes difficult to find the resources needed for technical product development. The resources necessary to the project are often allocated elsewhere or not available. Perhaps the product development is coming along fine but there is no one to do the production tester for it, or maybe your company is expert in software but help is needed to develop a custom hardware platform for the product. Theta Engineering is a full-service, concept-to-production engineering firm with the expertise and experience needed to help you achieve your technical objectives.

Competence & Experience

Theta Engineering's team of engineers have years of experience working with all types of companies turning ideas into reality. Our reputation for delivering high quality work means you can count on our skills and services when you need them. We will help you navigate the most straightforward route to your goal.

Theta Engineering, along with its technology partners, can bring to bear just the right amount of resources to ensure your project gets accomplished as expediently and economically as possible. Theta Engineering will get the technical results you need for business success!